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The masterlist of Merlin rec lists

.: Merlin rec lists :.

So. I was bored today and decided to do a list of Merlin rec lists (don't worry, it all makes sense after you read this twice. Slowly).
If you want your rec list added here, just drop me a comment and I'll gladly put it with the others. On the contrary, if you don't want your rec list here, same thing. Comment and I'll remove it. Don't hesitate to tell me if I've made mistakes/links aren't working.
My own rec list for this fandom is here.

If you're new in the Merlin fandom, you might want to check the Merlin overview over at crack_van, and the Merlin resources post done by wistfuljane. Both have a few recs/rec lists. You can also browse the Fandom Guide to Merlin on Livejournal @ newbieguide. There are also the frequently requested fics post over at merlin_finders, as well as the favorites/rec lists tag. You may want to check this giant rec post or this short rec list for newbies at merlin_thematic. merlinxarthur has a tag for recs, as does the epic_merlin comm (here), and the comm bbc_merlin_news has a delicious account where 300+ rec posts are bookmarked.
If you're looking for the Merlin fandom on Dreamwidth, you can check out this post.
And of course, there is this list of rec list.

Last Update: 15/07/13 (85+ links)


Author Link Pairing(s)
acari recs Merlin/Arthur
accioscar recs Merlin/Arthur
aeroport_art recs All pairings
amothea recs Merlin/Arthur
angelqueen04 recs Merlin/Arthur
anti_recs recs Merlin/Arthur
applebacardi recs Merlin/Arthur
archaeologist_d recs Merlin/Arthur, Bradley/Colin
auroraprimavera recs Merlin/Arthur
camelot_awards recs Merlin/Arthur
camelot-fleet recs All pairings
camelot_recs recs All pairings
crack_van recs All pairings
dark_samira recs Merlin/Arthur, Colin/Bradley
dentedsky recs Merlin/Arthur
dodificus recs Merlin/Arthur
dustfar recs Merlin/Arthur, Bradley/Colin
ella_bane recs All pairings
emjayelle recs Merlin/Arthur, Bradley/Colin
fandomlurker recs All pairings
fi_harkness recs All pairings, but mostly Merlin/Arthur
frogspace recs Merlin/Arthur
gealach_ros recs Merlin/Arthur, Bradley/Colin
green_grrl recs Merlin/Arthur, Bradley/Colin
trelkez recs Merlin/Arthur
gypsyhook recs Merlin/Arthur
hakasha recs Merlin/Arthur, Bradley/Colin
hermette recs Merlin/Arthur, Bradley/Colin
hils recs Merlin/Arthur, Bradley/Colin
hmsbacklash recs Merlin/Arthur
idyllsoflife recs Merlin/Arthur
ifyouweremine recs Merlin/Arthur, Bradley/Colin
imnotatotalgeek recs Merlin/Arthur
jissai1988 recs All pairings
kick_flaw recs All pairings, but mainly Merlin/Arthur
ladyflowdi recs Merlin/Arthur
lastling recs All pairings
larry_v_freddie recs Merlin/Arthur
lenyia recs Merlin/Arthur
loftily recs Merlin/Arthur, Bradley/Colin
majs_majs recs Merlin/Arthur
marguerite_26 recs Merlin/Arthur + The ABC of M/A kinky fics
merslashawards recs Merlin/Arthur, Gwen/Morgana, Bradley/Colin
michelinamarie recs Merlin/Arthur
mklutz recs Merlin/Arthur, Bradley/Colin
myjadedhavok recs All pairings
nel_ani recs Merlin/Arthur
nianeyna recs Merlin/Arthur
nieded recs Merlin/Arthur
nightrider101 recs Merlin/Arthur
norah recs Merlin/Arthur
nowadventuring recs Merlin/Arthur, Bradley/Colin
one_dreamery recs Merlin/Arthur
outdreamt recs Merlin/Arthur, Bradley/Colin
papered recs Merlin/Arthur
phoenixacid recs Merlin/Arthur + M/A Clickable Bookshelf
polyfandomrecs recs Merlin/Arthur
rane_ab recs Bradley/Colin
halesmoon recs Merlin/Arthur
recs recs Merlin/Arthur, Bradley/Colin
ripleybaby recs Merlin/Arthur [DOWN]
sally_maria recs Merlin/Arthur
saucery recs Merlin/Arthur, Bradley/Colin
screamingchair recs Merlin/Arthur
seekintoyou recs Merlin/Arthur
starcrossedgirl recs Merlin/Arthur
sugah66 recs Merlin/Arthur
swing_set13 recs Merlin/Arthur
sybrant recs Merlin/Arthur, Bradley/Colin
tacitus_3 recs Merlin/Arthur, Gwen/Morgana
tama_abi recs Merlin/Arthur
team_destiny recs Merlin/Arthur
thecheekydragon recs Merlin/Arthur
the_muppet recs Merlin/Arthur, Bradley/Colin
thisbirdsflown recs Merlin/Arthur, Bradley/Colin + other pairings
tolielikeyou recs Merlin/Arthur
tomomichi recs All pairings
tosomeextent recs Merlin/Arthur
tricksterquinn recs gen, Merlin/Arthur, Gwen/Morgana
tsosh recs Merlin/Arthur, Bradley/Colin
vanishing_cake recs Merlin/Arthur
thisbirdsflown recs Merlin/Arthur, Bradley/Colin + other pairings
voldything recs Merlin/Arthur, Gwen/Morgana, Bradley/Colin, Angel/Katie
wiccaqueen recs Merlin/Arthur, Bradley/Colin
worldwouldend recs Merlin/Arthur
xbeax recs Merlin/Arthur
xthursdaynextx recs Merlin/Arthur
youkiddinright recs All pairings
yue_ix recs All pairings
12steps2camelot recs All pairings, but mostly Merlin/Arthur & Bradley/Colin

Thanks to all the persons who answered these posts and here of course. ♥
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