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09 September 2009 @ 10:31 am
.: Merlin recs :.

This is not a very long rec list because I haven't read that much in this fandom. It will be updated later, though.


All I Want For Christmas (Is You) by mysecretashes
NC-17 | Completed | Arthur is not amused when his (probably insane) father decides to hold a Secret Santa exchange for the entirety of Pendragon Corporation. He's even less amused (and more than a bit panicky) when he draws Merlin's name.
Notes: coda

An arse is an arse by aeroport_art
NC-17 | Completed | Merlin accidentally walks in on one of Prince Arthur's...indiscretions.

A New Low by rosemaryandrue
NC-17 | Completed | Prompt: diabetic!Merlin stuck in a lift with Arthur.

ASL by undrsomestairs
R | One-shot | Arthur meets Merlin at a Pride parade, and they manage to overcome their language barrier.

A Story of Love and Menswear. Edited for Clarity by Arthur Pendragon by magog_83
G | One-shot | 17 year old Arthur is the Saturday supervisor on Menswear, and takes his job very seriously indeed. Merlin is the new boy who Arthur falls in love with at first sight. Emotional constipation ensues.

Backfire by oxoniensis
NC-17 | One-shot | In which there are giant ears, a curious cat, backfiring spells, a stick figure Arthur, some unfortunate truths and some very welcome ones.

Be Wise and Keep On by ladyflowdi
NC-17 | One-shot | “Patience,” Arthur said, and nudged Merlin’s foot up onto his shoulder. His tongue was caught between his teeth. “It can’t be this difficult, there’s only so much room in here.”

But It's a Good Refrain by lady_ragnell
PG-13 | Complete | Arthur doesn't care much about the popular radio program Dragon's Lonely Hearts until his ex-girlfriend calls in to slag him off and get advice. When he calls in and has an on-air argument with the host, it starts off more than he expected, including meddling friends, overinvolved fans, and maybe love.

Communications In Binary by justthismorning
PG | One-shot | University AU. Merlin came whirling into Arthur's life and left everything in shambles on the floor - literally. They couldn't be less alike - Merlin with his computers and his easy, goofy grin, Arthur with his breeding and his need for everything to be in it's place. They have nothing in common besides a key to the same room, but as the academic year progresses and Arthur finds himself wearing tiaras and critiquing Westlife and having picnics on his living room floor, Arthur comes to learn things about himself he didn't even know he didn't know.

Completely Inappropriate by glimmergirl
R | One-shot | Modern AU set in an American university, in which Arthur teaches freshman comp, Merlin spills coffee, and they both spend too much time in Arthur's office.

Context by andthedescent
PG-13 | One-shot | Merlin knew that the spell he'd remembered mentioned heat. He'd just forgotten the context.

Despoiling by astolat
NC-17 | One-shot | In which various people become various things they weren't before.

Details In the Fabric by minarchy
NC-17 | WIP | Mafia!AU inspired by steam_pilot's comic.

Dirty Laundry by elandrialore
G | One-shot | Merlin did a lot of laundry.

Drastically Redefining Protocol by rageprufrock
NC-17 | One-shot | In which Prince Arthur meets Merlin and all hell breaks lose.
Notes: trailer by zoetrope
Sequels: Honeymoon | Throw-In | Keepsake | Services Rendered | Five Secrets That Ought to Be Kept (And One for the Road) | Bank Holiday

Driving Lessons by hermette
NC-17 | One-shot | It's bad enough that Arthur is going to have to get a stupid fucking stats tutor because he spends all of his lectures staring at the back of Merlin's neck and wondering what sort of noises he'd make if Arthur scraped his teeth against all that pale skin. But now, now he's supposed to tolerate Merlin showing up at his door early in the morning with snowflakes clinging to his eyelashes? Now he's supposed to spend four hours alone in a car with him, and fuck all, there is no way Arthur comes out of this without making some manner of arse out of himself.

Easy There by syllic
NC-17 | Completed | Arthur is an Oxford Blue. Merlin is an Oxford cox. Lancelot is Merlin's romantic-dalliance-loving friend. Morgana is horribly clever; Gwen is cleverly waiting for Lancelot to grow up. Merlin and Arthur rub each other the wrong way, at first, but it soon becomes clear that Arthur is a university-class rower with a world-class heart (yes, I typed that). Clichés ensue.

Every Story is a Love Story by lady_ragnell
NC-17 | Complete | Camelot Publishing publishes romance novels, and when Arthur founds a new imprint of gay romance and invites his best friend and pet writer Merlin to write for it, it's a bit too easy to miss the fact that apparently he's living in one.

Fire Sign by moonythestrals
R | One-shot | Merlin is rather unsure about the direction in which his destiny seems to be taking him, and the Dragon is completely unhelpful. Watch for unexpected sap.
Notes: You have to add moonythestrals to read the fic.

Fools of Us All by adelagia
NC-17 | Complete | Merlin accidentally makes everybody in Camelot fall in love with him. Everybody except Arthur, that is.

For the Good of the Kingdom by magog_83
PG-13 | Complete | Merlin returns from his sojourn with the druids in the company of a man who is criminally handsome. Arthur reacts in the mature and reasonable fashion you would expect.

For Worse or For Better by anna_zee
PG-13 | Completed | Summary: none

For Your Information by reni_days
PG-13 | Completed | Merlin sighs. "After your...announcement," he explains, "your father decided he needed a bit more information. Which is apparently where I come in. I'm sort of like his gay tutor, it's hard to explain."

Four Times Merlin Cock-Blocked Arthur, and One Time He Didn't by oxoniensis
R | One-shot | He doesn't mean to the first time. Truly. It was an honest mistake.

Four Ways Arthur Fails at Courting Merlin, and One Way He Doesn't by lavvyan
G | One-shot | Thing is, Arthur hasn't the faintest idea how one would go about courting a sorcerer.

Freedom Hangs Like Heaven by derryere
NC-17 | One-shot | It's happened five times and they don't talk about it.

From Where I Stand You're In My Sky by paperclipbitch
NC-17 | Completed | Arthur looks away from the terrified, accusing dark eyes of the man on the newspaper, and turns his attention to his breakfast.

Fruition by spiny
NC-17 | One-shot | It was really all Sir Wynston's fault.

Geoffrey of Monmouth was a liar, but that's okay by mclachland
R | One-shot | The thing about magic is that it's a lot like chest congestion.

He Was Steeping by miakun
PG | One-shot | Morgana can't quite figure out why her brother is becoming a normal human being.
Notes: Deleted Scene

Home Is Where The Prat Is by timetraveled
R | One-shot | Summary: none

Innovation by magog_83
PG | Ficlet | Summary: none

Inside Outright by frantic_allonsy
NC-17 | One-shot | Arthur would probably have forgotten about him, looked away and maybe had one more drink before heading home because he rather desperately wanted to be curled up in bed with his cat, Sasha, watching Lost and drinking hot chocolate (absolutely no one knew of this ritual except, of course, Sasha, who had promised never to tell).

Insubordination by mclachland
R | One-shot | Arthur, being the crown prince, is allowed a certain amount of power. Actually, a lot of power, really. Except when he isn't.

Keep Calm and Carry On by chibirhm
R | Completed | How Arthur Pendragon, Director of Communications for Prime Minister Gaius, and his assistant, Merlin Emrys, fell in love - a story in goldfish, cats, webcomics, cups of tea, and sharpies.

Knowing and Nobility by srin
NC-17 | One-shot | In which Merlin is oblivious, Arthur is nobly repressed, Gwen knows everything, and Morgana takes matters into her own hands.

Lend me your ears, and I'll sing you a song by merle_p
PG-13 | One-shot | Arthur likes Merlin's ears.

Let me be your canvas by marguerite_26
NC-17 | Complete | Merlin wants a tattoo. And maybe the tattoo artist as well.

Love And Marriage by kei_rin
PG | One-shot | Arthur finds out his cousin Gawain also loves Merlin.

Lovestruck by social_retard86
PG-13 | Completed | Modern London AU. On the day that Arthur swore he'd never take the tube again, he met a student called Merlin.

Love Is a Grave Mental Disease by knowing_shadows
PG | One-shot | Modern-day AU, in which Arthur tries to be romantic for Valentine's Day but everyone, including Merlin, thwarts him.

Love, Toast, and Post-It Notes by themadlurker
PG-13 | One-shot | It was love at first sight, and Merlin knew it - when it came to the flat, that was. Merlin wasn't anything like as clear about the man he was going to have to live with.

MERLIN by moonythestrals
NC-17 | Completed | Arthur, Merlin, frat brothers, the Dragon, Arthur's BlackBerry, script writing, shitty hip-hop music, Dogma, FATE & DESTINY - oh God I wish I were joking.
Chapters: Part II | A Random Collection of Firsts

Millions of Peaches by dsudis
NC-17 | One-shot | "I know what this is, Merlin."

A Modern Manservant by Mamalaz
Nc-17 | Complete | A modern magical comedy very loosely based on Ugly Betty. Publishing king Uther Pendragon has had enough of his playboy son seducing every female assistant he has ever had so he hires Merlin, a man he is sure Arthur will never sleep with. Merlin would be more insulted by this fact if he wasn’t so busy trying to juggle his duties, save Arthur's skin from ruthless fashionistas and keep his magic a secret at the same time. Expect appearances by oil-lathered knights, the occasional mad druid, a perverted Will and a mental caretaker who lives in the basement and keeps harping on about coins and destiny.

Needlework by zarathuse
NC-17 | Completed | In which Merlin saves Arthur’s life. Uh. Mostly. Hijinx ensue. (More serious than it sounds, unfortunately.)

Next Time, I Will Remember This And I Will Say 'No' by paperclipbitch
PG-13 | Completed | “Arthur wants you to pretend to be him so that he doesn’t have to get married to Princess Helena?”

Not Quite Mary Poppins by claire_debonair
PG-13 | One-shot | The one where Merlin is a nanny, Arthur’s both a prat and a normal human being, Morgana schemes and Uther does relatively little.
Sequel: Not Quite Mrs Banks Either

Obeisance by casspeach
PG-13 | One-shot | It's not that Arthur won't share his toys, just that he expects to get them back undamaged.

Pairing Pendragon/Merlin by ?
PG-13 | Complete | Arthur is a BNF and Merlin is his prized beta.

Past Imperfect by thehoyden
NC-17 | One-shot | "You're being annoying, so no, I'd have to say this seems perfectly normal."

Privileges of Rank by seperis
NC-17 | One-shot | Arthur's biggest problem to date, Merlin thinks darkly as he carries yet another load of suspiciously not-really-dirty clothing down the stairs, is an unaccountable fear of anyone, anywhere, suspecting he's capable of being other than a complete and utter prat.

Prove All My Hypotheses by minor_hue
NC-17 | Completed | Merlin is an emo/scene kid. Arthur is a jock with a secret kink for emo/scene kids. They meet in a club and chaos ensues. Privately referred to as, "Merlin and Arthur are full of feelings."

Reciprocation by astolat
NC-17 | One-shot | He only meant to complain; you didn't take serving girls on hunting trips, and the alternative interpretation didn't even occur to him until Merlin said indignantly, "I'm not going to do that!"

Reversal of Fortune by srin
PG-13 | One-shot | Wherein Arthur is not the rich boss, and Merlin is not the assistant.

Shooting the Unicorn by eosrose
NC-17 | WIP | Merlin has been attracting a lot of supernatural attention as of late and although he has (perhaps too innocently) passed this off as an unfortunate side-effect of his own inner magic, everyone else has come to a very different conclusion. Who knew that Merlin's virginity could possibly be a threat to Camelot!

Strangers on a Plane by Mad_Maudlin
G | One-shot | It's bad enough that Arthur has to fly business class--why does he also have to sit next to this guy?

Straws In The Wind by i_claudia
NC-17 | Complete | Merlin meets Arthur when Arthur runs him over on the ski slopes. Everything goes downhill from there.

That Conversation About Knocking by mirrorskippy
R | One-shot | Merlin was loathe to admit it but he did occasionally forget that there were lines he couldn't cross with the Crown Prince.

The Albion University by solanyxe
PG | WIP | There is a university of high repute, known as the Albion University. In it, Uther still reigns as a king, and woe of all woes, his ideas of discipline haven’t changed much from the last time you’ve seen him. It’s a university where Arthur is still a prince, Morgana is still dangerous, and Gwen still stutters. It is also a university where Merlin is still…underappreciated.

The Boy Next Door by lady_ragnell
PG-13 | One-shot | In which there is pining, Merlin bakes, Arthur borrows batteries he doesn't actually need, and did I mention the pining?

The Incident with The Thingy or Arthur's Adventures in Spying by sparky77
R | One-shot | Arthur is a spy. Merlin is his handler. What? It makes perfect sense. Really.

The Joye of Sexe by aleathiel
NC-17 | One-shot | Arthur has a lot of sex.

The Kingdom of the Blaggers by hackthis
NC-17 | Completed | Summary: none

The Lies My Father Taught Me by pforte
NC-17 | Two-shot | Arthur had been taught right from wrong and this, this was wrong!

The One Where Arthur Despoils Merlin in a Cave by ifyouweremine
NC-17 | One-shot | “Yes I know what sex is, I’m not an idiot!” said Merlin. Arthur quietly disagreed.

The Office Christmas Party by social_retard86
NC-17 | One-shot | Merlin is no ordinary intern and while his crush on Arthur isn't surprising, Arthur's crush on him is.

The Pendragon Guide to How Not to Date by definewisdom
NC-17 | Completed | Modern day student AU. Still set in Britain. Morgana sends Arthur on some blind dates that don’t go quite according to plan.

The Route To Advancement by magog_83
PG-13 | Completed? | New Knight hopeful, Percy, has been at Court four months, but it might be another four years before Prince Arthur stops calling him Perrin. That's where Merlin comes in.
Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

The Sex Shop Around The Corner by hermette
R | Completed | Nothing says I love you like a ball gag.

The Tournament of All Magicks by corilannam
NC-17 | Completed | Merlin is invited to compete in a tournament of magic. Sure, he'd like to become the champion of all Albion, but first he has to get past giant creatures, a seductive sorceress, and the crown prince of Camelot.

The Weight of Words by waldorph
NC-17 | One-shot | Merlin is not the only one for whom words have power.

Three Tasks by syllic
NC-17 | Completed | Arthur is the Royal Arbiter for Suitable Suitors' Disputes. He (and his trusty companion, the golden-dragon-tasselled hat) alone can determine who is fit to woo royal servants and other assorted courtiers in Uther's court.

Timshel by ems
NC-17 | Completed | Merlin is definitely supposed to work for Arthur, but spends most of his time mocking Arthur's dress sense, berating him via IM with Morgana, sending Gwen capslock-filled emails about him and, most of all, trying not to fall in love with the shiny-shoed ponce. Arthur, meanwhile, is definitely supposed to be taking over his father's company some day, but instead spends most of his time scowling at Merlin, making lists about him, trying to find excuses to fire him and, most of all, trying to pretend he is totally not head-over-heels for the jumped up little upstart. Someone's got to make some difficult choices eventually, and this can only lead to one thing: angst. Or hilarity. Or, embarrassingly enough, self-discovery.

Truth is a Whisper by seperis
NC-17 | Completed | Words can also be mightier than the sword.
Notes: Sequel by shinetheway

Two Weeks Notice by ras_fic
NC-17 | Completed | Arthur is a prattish Executive VP of the Pendragon Corporation with a disturbingly non-ironic love of Demotivational posters. Merlin is a tree-hugging barista with a "magic" tongue. Morgana's a peeping Tom and her breasts have superpowers. Gwen and Lancelot get married. Owain is the company bicycle. Arthur attempts to steal Merlin's affections from Will through epic DDR combat. Merlin gets drunk a lot. There is a pillow fight, and a helicopter ride, and rooftop confessions, and Arthur decides Merlin really is his destiny, whether he likes it or not.

Underdeveloped Instinct by srin
PG | One-shot | There are cabbages that try harder to safeguard their own lives than Merlin does. At least cabbages have contrived to smell funny in order to keep people away.

Why Merlin Should Never Be Left Alone with Arthur's Knights Whilst Drunk and Dressed as a Woman by graspthethorn
PG | One-shot | "She's come down with lice or fleas or the plague or something -- I wasn't really listening -- but the point is she can't come to the feast and now I'll have to go alone. Alone, Merlin! Everyone else will have a girl on their arm and then in their bed and I won't."
Merlin stared. "Right. As distressing as that is, Arthur, what's it got to do with me?"
"Oh for goodness sake, do keep up Merlin! You're thin enough, and with a bit of padding in the right places, we can stick you in one of Morgana's dresses and be done with it."

(wires/fingers) crossed by robot_sky
PG | One-shot | In which Merlin is promoted, Gwen is upset, Morgana is lewd, and Arthur thinks he’s getting some free sexing.

Woods for the Trees by hackthis
NC-17 | One-shot | Summary: none


Gwaine’s masterful, brilliant and fool-proof plan by eyebrowofdoom
PG-13 | One-shot | Forethought is for ponces, as far as Gwaine is concerned.
Notes: Gwaine/Percival


Accented by antihysteric
R | One-shot | Summary: none

A Jump and a Climb by coffeejunkii
NC-17 | Two-shot | A week in February during which Bradley and Colin wonder if their relationship is more than a house of cards.

Colin Morgan and the Crawl of Doom by spiny
NC-17 | One-shot | In the last five minutes, Colin Morgan has decided to become a priest.

Five things Colin learns while filming Merlin by timetraveled
PG-13 | One-shot | Summary: none

Five Times Colin Fell In Love With Bradley by adelagia
PG-13 | One-shot | Summary: none

Healing Therapy by kat_fanfic
PG-13 | One-shot | Summary: none

Home Truths by lamardeuse
PG-13 | One-shot | Summary: none

Lucky Knickers by frantic_allonsy & hija_paloma
R | One-shot | "That's it, then? No other burning questions you've been dying to ask about my sex life, you pervert?"
Yes, Bradley thinks, and says, "No." I need to know what else you do, what else you like, and if you think maybe you could like it with me. "I think that's everything for now."

R | Two-shot | In which Bradley thinks people should call him to hang out and do stuff.

Spiders Can Play Cupid Too by timetraveled
PG | One-shot | Matchmaking spiders.

The Horse and His (Co-star's) Boy by spiny
NC-17 | One-shot | Summary: none

Wherein Wooing Colin is Somewhat More Difficult than Anticipated by ifyouweremine
PG-13 | One-shot | “If you were hypothetically me and I were hypothetically courting Colin, what would you—and by you I mean me—do to win his heart and make him let you carry him off into the French sunset for a lifetime of sweetsweet lovemaking?” said Bradley.

Winning Isn't Everything (if Colin Morgan is the consolation prize) by timetraveled
PG-13 | One-shot | Summary: none

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Oshun: readingheartofoshun on October 27th, 2009 04:34 pm (UTC)
Great list. You have a lot of my favorites.

Edited at 2009-10-27 04:35 pm (UTC)
oh baby i'm a classic: Merlin | Merlin & Arthuraznara on October 27th, 2009 04:38 pm (UTC)
Well, there are fics you just can't not rec, you know. They're just too awesome. ^^
Thank you for commenting!